Pondering programming.

As we write this, it’s before the con has even been announced and we’re having a freewheeling discussion about the programme and how we want to use it to kickstart the social spaces at Punctuation.

As you’ll know if you’ve listened to Octothorpe, Alison and John in particular are keen on seeing conventions as primarily social spaces, and they’re doubly keen to make sure that sitting in the bar is as compelling as it is at a Novacon or a similar British convention.

John Coxon is elf-curious.

An unnamed member of the programme Zoom.

What we don’t really want to do is to have a convention where everything is non-interactive. As such, many and varied outlandish ideas are being thrown around, including panel games, parlour games, roleplaying as elves, and roguelike scavenger hunts. (Don’t worry, we’ve also got some serious ideas.) We’re very much looking forward to bringing (some of) these ideas to fruition at Punctuation!

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