Who are we?

We’ve talked about ourselves a little over on our questions page, but we want to introduce ourselves in more detail!

Alison Scott has run lots of physical cons in the past but this will be her first virtual one; having attended several, she has lots of thoughts about How They Should Be Different. She can often be found in the kitchen at Zoom parties, but also on the podcast Octothorpe with John and Liz. She misses everyone and just wants to hang out with them.

John Coxon has not run lots of physical cons in the past, but has been talking to Alison and Liz a lot recently on their podcast Octothorpe and has been accruing quite a lot of expertise in websites and Discord servers over the pandemic, mostly by accident.

Liz Batty has run Eastercons and Worldcons, sometimes with Alison, and is now discovering that in the age of virtual conventions moving 6,000 miles is not far enough to escape conrunning. She welcomes Punctuation as another distraction from arguing about epidemiology on social media. When she isn’t joining new Discord servers she enjoys boardgaming, travelling, and eating spicy food.

Steve Davies was a co-editor (with Alison) of the Hugo-winning fanzine Plokta. He has been involved for many years in running science fiction conventions including Eastercons, Worldcons and small cuddly conventions. Apart from SF and cons, he is interested in IT, cooking, travelling round the world and other things he is currently prevented from doing by the cruel workings of fate. His main aim in life is to stop worrying quite so much.

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