Social situations.

We are keen to make Punctuation a convention which puts social spaces first in a way that hasn’t previously been the case in the online conventions we have attended. To do this, we are explicitly building social spaces and time blocks into the convention, with two blocks of social time after each programme block each day, plus social time on the Friday night. We also have ideas for programme which will be more interactive and silly in order to encourage people to feel comfortable in those social spaces.

We could have a roguelike scavenger hunt!

John Coxon

We want to replicate the convention experience of meeting new and interesting people in the bar, and we’re keen to use any tools that will allow us to achieve that. We’ll be running tests of such technologies behind-the-scenes in the run-up to the convention, and those who register for the convention might be asked to help us with those tests (but don’t worry, there’s no obligation).

One thought on “Social situations.

  1. Consider looking at AltspaceVR?

    Whilst primarily a VR social space (supports oculus rift,quest,go / windows PC VR headsets) it does also have 2D client apps for windows and mac – though the mac one is still in beta, and not all user-created worlds have been repackaged to support mac as yet.

    Access to user-created Worlds is bizarrely still not on by default on new accounts – turn it on in the settings page and explore!

    main website is at
    main download links at
    beta mac client download is linked from
    oculus version is on the oculus store.


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