About Punctuation 1.


Punctuation is a small, fan-run SF convention in the style of Novacon or <plokta.con>. We want to create a convention which prioritises social spaces and engagement while also delivering a great programme.

(We’re borrowing Novacon’s weekend with their permission, but we’re otherwise unaffiliated with them.)


Alison Scott is our Zoom wrangler and design guru. John Coxon is an inexperienced conrunner but can work the new-fangled Discord machine. Liz Batty is a force of nature and spends a lot of time on Twitter (she also did programme once). Finally, Steve Davies asks the right questions and demands good answers. Importantly, he’s good at maths. For more details on us, check out our introductory news post.


We’re holding Punctuation primarily on Zoom and on Discord. When you join, you’ll be invited to the Discord server which forms the backbone of the convention (and the “bar”). Zoom programme items and social spaces will be linked to from Discord, alongside any other social spaces we use.


We’re running this convention over 13–15 November 2020. The opening ceremony and social spaces will open on 13 November; programme items will start in earnest on 14 November, and we’ll wrap up on 15 November.

We’ll be aiming to deliver our social spaces and programme at times that make sense to people in GMT, but fans from around the world are welcome to attend.


Because although a lot of fantastic online conventions have been run over the course of What Has Happened This Summer, we have been missing the experiences that British conventions like Novacon give you with a strong focus on social spaces. Punctuation is our way of bringing those experiences online.

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