Feedback on Punctuation.

Hi everyone! John here. After holding Punctuation we emailed our members to ask what they’d thought of the convention, and I’ve collated the results. In the post below, I’ll go through relevant pieces of feedback and pull out quotes from returned evaluations, but first, let’s talk methodology. We posed several questions which we asked peopleContinue reading “Feedback on Punctuation.”

Financial report.

Now that Punctuation’s payments have all gone through, we can do the end-of-convention financial report. Stripe, our payment processor, keeps some payments for up to 60 days to hedge against us needing to issue refunds etc., so our last payment was received in mid-January. Income. As plotted in the figure below (left), we took aContinue reading “Financial report.”

Preparing for the convention.

We are running some programme items at Punctuation which will require some forward thinking from members, and this post is to let you start getting your ducks in a row.

Cheese tasting.

We’ll be having a cheese tasting at Punctuation, so here’s the information so you can pick up some cheese (and more!) in advance.

Social situations.

We are keen to make Punctuation a convention which puts social spaces first in a way that hasn’t previously been the case in the online conventions we have attended.

Who are we?

We’ve talked about ourselves a little over on our questions page, but we want to introduce ourselves in more detail!

Pondering programming.

As we write this, it’s before the con has even been announced and we’re having a freewheeling discussion about the programme and how we want to use it to kickstart the social spaces at Punctuation.

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